In ‘Mobile Disco’ a solitary DJ is locked in an empty gallery for four hours, heroically enduring his own performance. He is filmed stationed behind his deck, performing his set, choreographing disco lights and dry ice, wooing the non- existent ‘audience’ with his between- song chat and his calls for requests.
This is the glamour of the ‘super-star’ DJ turned on its head, the mechanics of commodified entertainment laid bare. Exploiting the prevailing appetite for voyeuristic ‘reality’ television shows, ‘Mobile Disco’ explores the artists’ own squeamish fascination with popular forms of entertainment which test the bounds of human endurance and exploitation. As they are interested in the specificity of this experience, they film a local DJ playing his or her set in the empty gallery space. This is filmed preceding the opening of the show and projected in the same gallery space during the exhibition.